PoLl 1 Results:

(Majority vote highlighted in maroon)
Do you attend City Council Meetings regularly or watch online?
Yes: 14.29%    No: 85.71%
If not, why not?
Meetings are too long: 5.88%
I have to work during meetings: 23.53%
Not important to me: 5.88%
It doesn't matter, I can't make a difference: 0%
Other: 64.71%
If there was a way to personally vote for each agenda item, would you participate?
Yes: 85%    No: 15%
Would you like to see how each council member voted on each item?
Yes: 100%    No: 0%
How do you feel City Council is doing?
Excellent: 0%
Good most of the time: 15%
Fair: 10%
Need Improvement: 55%
Poor, They need to be replaced: 20%
How do you feel City Council is doing?
Property Taxes are too high: 42.86%
Water Billing issues: 9.52%
Traffic congestion: 4.76%
Too much debt: 4.76%
Streets and Sidewalks: 0%
Not enough Parks: 0%
Drainage: 0%
All of the Above: 33.33%
Other: 4.76%

PoLl 2 Results:

(Majority vote highlighted in maroon)

1. Should council approve a 2% cost of living

    raise to all city employees?
    Yes - 35.6%    No - 64.4%

2. Do you agree to spend $2 million on Pear

    sculptures along 288?
    Yes - 7%    No - 93%

3. Do you agree to spend $30K/month to keep

    10,000 trees and shrubs alive while they

    wait for the beautification agenda item to

    Yes - 33.3%    No - 66.7%

4. Do you agree to spend $3.2 million to

    reconfigure the traffic circle (Roundabout) at

    Pearland Parkway and McHard?
    Yes - 13.3%    No - 86.7%

5. Who do you feel runs the city?
    Citizens of Pearland - 9.3%
    City Council members - 30.2%
    Mayor - 0%

    City Manager - 60.5%

6. Are you still experiencing water billing

    Yes - 59.5%    No - 40..5%

PoLl 3 Results:

(Majority vote highlighted in maroon)

1. The Waste Management contract allows for

    a 1 time price adjustment. They are seeking

    to increase their base rate to $18.11 + $1

    Admin fee (5.3% increase) citing increased

    residential garbage by 9%. A new contract

    will be negotiated next Fall.  Should council

    vote to approve this increase during this

    COVID crisis?
    Yes - 9%    No - 91%

PoLl 4 Results:

(Majority vote highlighted in maroon)

1. Council is voting on a new trash service which will include a 96-gallon trash cart. A 65-gallon cart is an add-on option instead. Do you approve of having a trash cart in addition to the 96-gallon recycling bins?

Yes, it will keep the animals out - 55%

No, too heavy and too large to store in my garage - 45%