Pearland City Council Regular Meeting October 12, 2020

6:30 p.m. Meeting of City Council - Agenda

Citizen Comments:

Jeff Hunkele:

I'd like to offer a suggestion when any construction contracts are listed on the agenda. Often times, Councilmen Owens asks if there are any subcontractors associated with this contract. If these are Consent Agenda items, they are pulled and council spends additional time discussing this same issue over and over again. In order to expedite meetings, I kindly request having all subcontractors listed on the provided construction documents to allow council to have all information upfront.

Next I'd like to address Waste Management's desire to increase their base rate. Their argument was due to COVID people are at home and generating 9% more garbage. On the flip side of that, businesses have been closed which stopped their garbage altogether. I think the garbage just switched location and even less is being collected. So they are trying to boost their profits in a struggling economy? Let's talk about their existing profits and focus on the recycling bins. They list a new bin costs $65.69 and a monthly charge of $1.82 which means a bins would have been paid off in 3 years. This program was put in place 5 years ago so anything collected after the first 3 years is pure profit. Why doesn't this charge ever go away?

On the subject of recycling is there a measure of how much of our waste is actually recycled? Also, does Waste Management make any money from this process which can further increase their profits? I met with a citizen this weekend and they said they had seen their recycling get thrown into the same trucks as the trash on multiple occasions. I just want to verify if we have a Recycling program, we use it to the fullest extent.

I've heard council say they hear from citizens and they want to do what is right by them but during the last meeting when this item was brought up, many of the councilmen said they were FOR the increase. Now when I brought up adding a $1 charge for people who wish to receive a paper water bill, Councilman Hernandez said he spoke to some seniors on a fixed budget and they can't handle this additional charge. Yet when increasing the base rate comes up, it seems easy for them to allow it. But this increase will end up affecting everyone. I set up a poll on social media and got over 115 responses and 91% said not to increase it. I bet not 115 seniors were polled for the $1 idea so why are you considering this one?

There is another agenda item being discussed tonight to select a solid waste collection option and Waste Management is ranked as 3rd out of 3 of the companies being considered. And the top rated company is $1.8 million cheaper.

Therefore, with all of this information, I strongly request all members to vote no to this increase and allow Waste Management to make any pricing adjustments when they are competeing with other companies.

I thank you for your time and attention.

Consent Agenda

Items pulled are B,C,D,F

Consent agenda vote:


Passes 6-0

A. Approval of minutes:
    - Regular Meeting Minutes, August 24, 2020
    - Public Hearing Minutes, August 31, 2020
    - 2020-08-24 City Council Regular Meeting Minutes
    - 2020-08-31 Public Hearing Minutes

B. The State of Texas - $193,600 - Advanced Funding Agreement for the Country Club Bridge Replacement Project

Passes 6-0

C. Tyler Technologies, Inc. - $202,359.38 - Renewing a software maintenance contract

Passes 6-0 - to approve $61,173.23 for 1 software suite

Push - $141,186.15

D. Central Square Technologies - $321,706.90 - Renewing a Software Maintenance Contract from Oct 1, 2020 - Sep 30, 2021

Passes 6-0

E. Interlocal cooperative pricing arrangements with participating cooperatives (Texas Department of Information Resources and National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance) - $250,000 - for the purchase of Information Technology equipment and hardware from CDW Government

$128,399.43 - Participate in the Texas BuyBoard cooperative purchasing program for the purchase of a Document Management Application Upgrade and Consulting Services


Passes 6-0

G. Dell - $200,000 - Participate in an interlocal cooperative pricing arrangement with the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) for the purchase of computer equipment

H. McMillan James Equipment Company -
$128,950 - Participate in an interlocal pricing arrangement with the Interlocal Purchasing System for monthly preventative maintenance and repairs associated with Dectron Pool Dehumidifiers from Nov 1, 2020 - Oct 31, 2021

I. Submittal of a funding assistance application to the Texas Water Development Board Clean Water Revolving Fund -
$75,000,000 - Costs associated with the design and construction of the John Hargrove Water Reclamation Facility (“JHWRF”) Expansion Project

J. Amazon Business -
$120,000 - Participation in an interlocal agreement with National IPA – OMNIA Partners for the purchase of City supplies from Oct 1, 2020 - Sep 30, 2021

K. Establishing speed limits established for vehicles upon certain streets and highways (Reid Boulevard From FM 518 to 300 feet north of Avalon Manor Lane)

L. Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) -
$36,400.57 - Accept the FY 2020 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG)

New Business

1. Deborah Simpson - Zone change request from Suburban Residential-12 (SR-12) District to General Business (GB) District, on approximately 7.313 acres of land


Passes 6-0

2. Zone change request from Residential Estate (RE) District to Office & Professional (OP) District, on approximately 3.00 acres of land (3202 Wagon Trail Road, Pearland, Texas)


Fails 0-6

3. Declaring intention to reimburse project expenditures from proceeds of future tax-exempt obligations

Passes 7-0 - Amend to remove $450,000 from the CO

Passes 7-0 as amended

4. Risk contract with SpawGlass Corp - $16,001,451 - Amending a Construction Manager for construction phase services associated with Shadow Creek Library Project


Passes 7-0

5. Risk contract with Durotech - $8,475,561 - Amending a Construction Manager for construction services associated with the Animal Shelter and Adoption Center Project


Passes 7-0

6. Risk contract with Durotech - $7,379,161 - Amending a Construction Manager for construction services associated with the Fire Station No. 4 Project.


Passes 7-0

7. Solid Waste RFP - Select a solid waste collection option, establish solid waste franchise fee amounts, and review recommended vendor based on the results of the  with Council


No vote

8. McDonald Electric - $394,469 - Construction bid associated with the Public Safety Building Back-Up Power Redundancy as a Critical Facility Project


Passes 7-0

9. Waste Management - Increase the residential customer base rate to $17.75 for solid waste collection services, effective Nov 1, 2020


Fails 0-6

Executive Session

1. Regarding the Annual Evaluation of the Municipal Court Judge
2. Regarding the Annual Evaluation of the City Attorney