Pearland City Council Meeting for July 27, 2020

6:30 p.m. Regular City Council Meeting - Agenda

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Citizen Comments:

    I wanted to speak on a few topics and the first is the water billing issue. I know there were several meetings where council settled on the 32/30 plan. I charted my last 2 years of bills and my reading dates are still for 28 days. However, the gap between my billing and read dates are widening. It went from 76 days in 2018 to 123 days as of July. I had previously recommended to council to put alerts in the billing software to catch when this gap deviates an acceptable value, but it appears to be getting worse. In a future meeting can we have an update on what has been done to correct these errors and what future plans will be made to make sure this doesn't happen again.

My next topic is regarding the 288 Improvement Plan for just over $14 million dollars. 2 of the costliest items of this project are the landscaping and Pear sculptures. Small businesses are closing while people are losing their jobs and struggling to manage their own budgets, but council is voting to spend $2 million dollars on pear sculptures? And over $7 million to plant 10,000 trees and shrubs? I understand this area needs signs, painting and sidewalks. I would categorize these as needs. But Pear sculptures, landscaping and fountains that make up 70% of the total cost in these uncertain economic times. These are the wants that can be put off until we have a clearer vision of our future.

Finally, regarding the 5-year Capital Improvement Program can some of these projects be pushed out to a later time or scaled back. One of the projects is an overpriced $13 million animal shelter, $23.5 million for a new library when people are currently in lockdown for the foreseeable future. Has a usability study been done to see how many people checkout books? Especially with schools offering virtual learning, maybe it's time to get creative and instead of a large facility to house 1,000s of books that require constant staff, maintenance and upkeep, can a smaller facility be a better use of funds. We could offer an online check out system and Kindles that can be checked out with a security deposit? The building could include more computer bays for people that don't have access at home.

There are 3 fire stations scheduled at $8, $7 and $10 million dollars. Again, has a study been done to warrant each of these. I would request to separate out the medical calls from the fire related calls. Maybe a full-blown fire station isn't needed at this time and more of a medical emergency facility that can later be developed into a fire station. Gentleman, we are in unprecedented times and I believe this calls for more creative solutions and not the typical ones previously used in better financial times.

Thank you for your time and attention.

John Albin
VP of Pearland Police Officers Assoc, Sept 2016, study of a salary compensation, adjust in 2018 that took 19 months, Feb 2019, 4% increase to police. Got 2% increase by council. Market review every 2-3 years to retain officers. Review their compensation

Felicia Harris Hoss
Covid 19 discussion in Sept regarding the budget removing items. Covid 19 has removed some of these items.

Jimmy Davis
Water bill issue of a citizen being billed at a higher tier, cutting 20,000 job Schlumberger, sales tax revenue down



All except D:

Passed 6-0

A. Approval of Minutes:

Regular Meeting Minutes - February 10, 2020
Special Meeting Minutes - February 17, 2020
Joint Public Hearing Minutes - February 17, 2020
Joint Special Meeting Minutes - February 17, 2020
Strategic Workshop - February 22-2020
Special Meeting - February 24, 2020
2020-02-10 Regular Meeting Minutes 2020-07-27
2020-02-17 Special Meeting 2020-07-27
2020-02-17 JPH Minutes 2020-07-27
2020-20-17 JSM Minutes 2020-07-27
2020-02-22 Council Strategic Planning Workshop 2020-07-27
2020-02-24 Special Meeting 2020-07-27

B. Amending the associated Design Manual “Rights-of-way,” of the City Code of Ordinances

C. Conveyance of certain real properties, to the Lower Kirby Pearland Management District (LKPMD”) and Pearland Municipal Management District No. 1 (“PMMD No. 1”) for the construction and maintenance of regional drainage detention facilities

D. Renewing employee:
    a. Health insurance benefits for stop loss and administration services with Cigna
    b. Dental insurance with Cigna
    c. Vision plan benefits with UNUM for fiscal year 2020-2021
    d. Ancillary benefits for Employee Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Long Term Disability to Symetra, for fiscal year 2020-2021
    e. Interlocal agreement with Public Employee Benefits of America (“PEBA”) to provide City retirees and/or retirees dependents, access to a Medicare Supplement Plan


Passed 6-0


E. BKD LLP - $73,000 - Authorizing the City Manager for an audit services contract


1. Adopting a Five-Year Capital Improvement Program (2021-2025)


Orlando - N
Carbone - N
Little - N
Hernandez - Y
Moore - N
Perez- Y
Amendment Fails 4-2

Orlando - Y
Carbone - Y
Little - N
Hernandez - Y
Moore - N
Perez- Y
Passes 4-2

2. 2019-2020 Annual Budget Ordinance authorizing the City Manager to take all actions necessary to facilitate the changes identified herein without further approval of City Council

Passes 6-0

3. Millis Development and Construction, LLC. - $14,192,050.84 Awarding a competitive sealed proposal for Phase IV of the SH 288 Corridor Master Improvement Plan Project

Orlando - Y
Carbone - N
Little - N
Hernandez - Y
Moore - N
Perez- N
Fails 4-2

4. Pearland Economic Development Corporation expenditure - $121,850.00 for design services associated with the Halik Street Reconstruction Project


Orlando - Y

Carbone - N

Little - N

Hernandez - Y

Moore - Y

Perez- N

Tie passes 4-3 with Mayors vote