Pearland City Council Regular Meeting January 11, 2021

6:30 p.m. Meeting of City Council - Agenda

Citizen Comments:

Last year I suggested many times starting the year with setting goals for the budget as well as the city manager. With how last year began and progressed, I think this is more important now,...more than ever to do so. It was almost a year ago we learned about the water debacle that has affected most of Pearland. I request this be at the top of the City Manager's goals for 2021. I have listened to explanations, apologies and request for transparency and here we are after a year still dealing with it and frankly, I find this ridiculous. I have attended most of the council meetings and hear contracts being awarded for thousands and sometime millions of dollars.


If ANY of the contractors performed the way the city has, they would never be awarded another contract. So why are we treating this any different? A single decision was made to change the reading cycle with no oversite in place, no follow up and no checkpoints and how did the city respond. We had to pay for Olsen and Olsen to analyze the situation and it resulted in 2 retirements and no one held accountable. Then citizens complained when our water bills increased and continue to do so today. Then the city had to pay Raftelis $98,000 to tell the city how to do their jobs and who paid for all of this? We the taxpayers.

I was hoping to be on the Ad Hoc Water Committee that was created but I guess my request wasn't accepted. Having a career in computers and software development, I was hoping to share some suggestions, but I will have to state them here instead. When programs are used to monitor systems, validations can be put in place to alert users when a certain threshold is met. These weren't in place then, but I suggest they get put in place now.

Ever since the 32/30 plan was put into place has individual accounts been identified and monitored? I would select group of accounts that categorize different areas and compare their usage moving forward. Compare history to current usage to track trends and address problem areas until all accounts are verified. I would select the top 10-15 accounts whose usage increased the most when the new meters were put into place. I know personally mine almost doubled. I would also select 10-15 people who decided to switch meter sizes and track their changes. Also select citizens from each of the 4 water areas and monitor them during the beginning of this year to allow the committee to study these trends. For transparency, I suggest displaying all this data on the city website to let people see if their situation falls into one of these areas. 

If we are still discussing water issues in August, then senior management needs to be held accountable and we citizens demand leadership change to who can resolve these issues.

We are beginning a new year and it's a great time to start the year fresh and give citizens a reason to believe we are on a better path than 2020.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Consent Agenda


Passes 7-0

A. Consideration and Possible Action - Approval of Minutes
  City Council Special Meeting Minutes - December 7, 2020
  City Council Regular Meeting Minutes - December 7, 2020
  City Council Special Meeting Minutes - December 14, 2020
  City Council & Planning and Zoning Joint Special Meeting Minutes - December 14, 2020
  City Council Special Meeting Minutes - December 22, 2020


B. Crossing Agreement with the Gulf Coast Water Authority to allow sanitary sewer force main to cross GCWA’s American Canal right-of-way


C. Amended water supply agreement with the Gulf Coast Water Authority (GCWA), to reduce the required reserve fund associated with the annual cost of service

New Business

1. Election of a Mayor Pro-Tem

Orlando - Y

Carbone - Y

Little - Y

Hernandez - Abstain

Kamkar - Y

Perez- Y

​Owens - Y

Passes 6-1

2. Adopting interim health and safety protocols for access to City Council and other public meetings

Passes 7-0

3. Approving an update to the Pearland Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan

Passes 7-0

4. Adopting a State Legislative Agenda for the 87th Session of the Texas Legislature

Passes 7-0

5. Creation and Appointment of a customer input Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to provide the City Council additional input regarding utility billing process and system review being completed by Raftelis Consulting Group


Amended: Meetings are to be recorded, post when the meetings are held 24 hours before they happen and the video must be posted within 72 hours of the meeting. 

Passes 7-0

6. Nerie Construction, LLC - $995,509 - Construction services contract for the Piper Road Drainage

Passes 7-0

7. Requiring the submission of additional supporting documentation, beyond state law requirements, with the City’s proposed annual fiscal year budget

Passes 7-0

8. Council Input and Discussion - Input and Discussion regarding local Pearland economic outlook for 2021

Executive Session

1. Consultation with City Attorney - Regarding pending or potential litigation associated with right-of-way acquisition

2. Consultation with City Attorney - Regarding pending or potential litigation associated with cable franchise fees

3. Consultation with City Attorney - Regarding pending or potential litigation associated with drainage improvements