Pearland City Council Regular Meeting for August 24, 2020

6:30 p.m. Meeting of City Council - Agenda

Citizen Comments:

Jeff Hunkele:

In regards to the 2% COLA, most if not all, citizens said NO raises should be given at this time. Many of these same people are out of work themselves and we are in the midst of uncertain economic times. The original budget item was for 2% and yet member Perez tried to raise it to 4%. Then he seemed to throw a tantrum when others didn't agree and then the rest of council said, we can't support a 4% but we will support the 2%. I believe this was a tactic to get everyone upset and then everyone agreed to back down to the 2% which was the intended result all along. Mr. Perez, does your company always give raises during lean years?

City Council is spending thousands of dollars casually. To drive this exact point home, On the August 17th video and at the 1 hour and 40 minute mark it was questioned the feasibility of basing the COLA on performance which I have suggested several times now. Clay Pearson said the following:

It has been the standing that 2% keeps up with competition and they hadn't tried to parse out based upon performance. They don't have a system to do this and it seems like a lot pain and quibbling about nothing."

Nothing! So $1.4 million dollars is nothing?!

I find it interesting this is the same excuse why people couldn't pay their water bills in full to catch up. The software didn't allow this and it would be too difficult to do. So when things are too hard we take the easy way out, everyone pays their water bills in the same way and everyone gets a 2% COLA.

Member Owens questioned the Conferences & Seminars that equal almost $1 million dollars. He said that seemed like an awful lot of money. But Clay was adamant saying all of these are VERY much needed without even compromising to say, well we can review these items or cut them out. It seemed as though when Council questions spending they do it hesitantly like a child speaking to an adult. I thought Council dictates what the City Manager should do and not the other way around. I expect council to say cut Conferences this year or we don't approve the budget, period!

In fact if the COLA is so important, I proposed for you to pick one, COLA or Conferences, not both. Which do you support now? Will the city implode if you miss conferences for 1 year? Many may be cancelled due to Covid anyway.

On this agenda they want to hire consultants to review the Billing Process for $98,000. So wait, let's review this. Water billing was fine until Senior management dictated a change in the reading structure, now we are over $8 million behind in collections which took the city 2 years to tell council and then another 7 months to implement the fix. Now you want to waste more money to hire consultants to figure out how to properly bill customers. Does these even seem like a modest use of funds? People are really questioning the competency of people in certain key positions to fix the mistakes they created.

Consent Agenda

Removed items B&C

The rest passed 7-0

A. Silsbee Ford - $52,556 - Purchase 1 Ford Transit 350 Accessible Van for Knapp Activity Center

B. The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company - $125,000 - for the purchase of automotive tires for the period of Oct 1, 2020 - Sep 30, 2021

Passed 7-0


C. Chastang Ford - $93,816 - Purchase of 1 F-250 truck and response accessories - Rapid Response Vehicle


Orlando - Y

Carbone - Y

Little - Y

Hernandez - Y

Moore - Y

Perez- Y

​Owens - N


Passed 6-1

D. Perfect Mind, Inc. - Estimated amt: FY21:$56,383.06, FY22:$66,997.11, and FY23:$68,464.96 - Purchase of Parks & Recreation Management Software

E. Excuse the Absence of Council member Gary Moore from the Regular Council Meeting on August 10, 2020

F. Amending selected provisions of the Unified Development Code regarding the following section;

  1. Removing references to the “Director of Parks” within Division 2 of Chapter 4 and replace with “City Manager or their designee”

  2. Removing references to the “Director of Engineering” and replace with the “City Engineer” and remove references to the “Director of Planning” and replace with the “Director of Community Development” throughout the UDC

  3. Clarifying the language to define the characteristics between a dwelling unit and an accessory residential structure within Chapter 5

  4. Clarifying banner signs regulations by removing the banner permit fee from Section

  5. Removing and adding language to allow banners attached to lighting fixtures in parking areas of sites used as public educational facilities or campuses.

G. Authorizing the City Manager into election services agreements with Brazoria County, Fort Bend County, and Harris County for the Nov 3, 2020 General Election and Special Election.

New Business

1. Authorizing the issuance of City of Pearland, Texas, permanent improvement refunding bonds in one or more series; setting certain parameters for the bonds; authorizing refunding of certain outstanding obligations; authorizing a pricing officer to approve the amount, the interest rate, price, and terms thereof and certain other procedures and provisions relating thereto.


Passed 7-0

2. Cannon Cochran Management Services Inc. (CCMSI) - For administration of the City’s Workers’ Compensation Program, in the amount of $35,000; and authorizing the purchase of Workers Compensation Excess Insurance Coverage from Midwest Employers, in the amount of $140,285, for the period of Oct 1, 2020 - Sep 30, 2021

Passed 7-0

3. Authorizing the power of eminent domain to acquire a water utility easement to certain property for the Surface Water Plant Project


Passed 7-0


4. MPACT Strategic Consulting, LLC - $264,000 - Administration of an emergency rental assistance program to qualifying economically impacted by the COVID-19/Coronavirus Pandemic.

Passed 7-0

5. Presentation: Utility Billing Status Report


No Action Needed


6. Raftelis Financial Consultants, Inc - $98,000 - Utility Billing Process/System review and assessment services

Passed 6-0; Little had technical difficulties and couldn't vote

7. Fiscal Year 2021 Budget Discussion #3

No Action Needed

Executive Session

1. Executive Session - 551.071 - Consultation with Attorney- Regarding confidential legal matters and advice.

2. Executive Section 551.074 - Personnel Matters - Regarding appointments and/or changes to membership of the Boards and Commissions.

New Business Continued

8. Consideration and Possible Action - Regarding appointments and/or changes to membership of the Boards and Commissions