Pearland City Council Meeting for April 27, 2020

6:30 p.m. Special Meeting - Agenda

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Citizen Comments:

Eugene Howard - Thank you to the community health task force and to Adrian Hernandez for requesting a health advisory committee. Shortage of PPE, to provide community health network to help our health care worker. Appreciates the city looking to be leaders to suggest the health industry workers.

Gerard Houser - Thanks to the city of Pearland & Brazoria county for their information on their website to help information the public regarding the virus. There is a Covid positive facility being set up at 3960 Business Center Drive. Moving out the patients today.

Consent Agenda

Vote on items A-F with the exception of D:

Passed 7-0

A. Approval of minutes:
     October 7, 2019, City Council and Planning and Zoning Joint Special Mtg
     October 7, 2019, City Council Special Mtg
     October 14, 2019, City Council Regular Mtg
     October 14, 2019, City Council Special Mtg
     October 21, 2019, City Council and Planning and Zoning Joint Special Mtg
     October 28, 2019, City Council Regular Mtg
     October 28, 2019, City Council Special Mtg

B. Zoning change from Planned Development to General Business - Stonebridge Planned Development to allow a pet store and care facility, on approximately 3.17 acres of land - East of 1853 Pearland Parkway

C. Centerpoint Energy Resources Corp. - Increase rates under the gas reliability infrastructure program Avg Residential increase of 3.51% or $0.67/customer/month

D. The Luck Company - $50,992.69 - Purchase of furniture, fixtures and equipment, associated with the Fire Station No. 8 Project
    Question: $3,175 Ship to Houston
                     $5,943 Receive, deliver and install
           Total $9,118 - 18% of the total cost for shipping and installation?

I understand having to deliver it to Houston, but once delivered, how much assembly is required and can this be done by the firemen? The supporting documents state "This purchase complies with the Council's Strategic Goal of Fiscally Responsible Government" If this were me, I'd save the $6,000 by assembling it myself.


Orlando - Y

Carbone - N

Little - Y

Moore - Y

Hernandez - Y

Perez - Y

Owens - N

Passed 5-2

E. Enter into an Interlocal Agreement with Brazoria County for relocation of a City waterline along County Road 101 (Bailey Road)

F. Auto Plus - $90,000.00, for auto parts from Apr 27, 2020 - Apr 26, 2021

New Business

1. TDC2 - $650,147.56 - For the Fiber Optic Backbone Network Project (Magnolia/John Lizer)
Passed 7-0

2. Terracon - $462,860.00 - For a construction materials testing contract with for the Surface Water Plant Project
Passed 7-0

3. Council Input and Discussion - Regarding Public Health Advisory Committee.

Councilman Hernandez asked to request setting up a health education committee withe the support of other agencies. Other members wanted to look into this further to make sure this is the best way to achieve the over all goal.

Executive Session

1. Consultation with the City Attorney – Regarding Economic Development Negotiations
Darin Coker (City Attorney) - No Recommended item

2. Consultation with the City Attorney - Regarding the acquisition of real property

Darin Coker (City Attorney) - Recommend for staff to proceed with the acquisition of Real Property as discussed in Executive Session

Passed 7-0