Pearland City Council Meeting for April 20, 2020

7:00 p.m. Special Meeting - Agenda

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The public will be permitted to offer public comments telephonically as provided by the agenda and as permitted by the presiding officer during the meeting; no in-person input will be allowed.


All speakers MUST register in advance (Monday, April 20, no later than 12 p.m.). All public comments will ONLY occur at the beginning of the meeting starting at 7:00 p.m.

Citizen Comments:

Jimmy Davis - It will take us until March 2023 to catch up to make up for 18 months of this mess. He asked to see complaints, but city said no complaints existed from Jan 1 2018 - Jun 30, 2018. Complaints need to be kept for 5 years. Council said a rogue middle manager decided to change the schedule. Feels city is hiding records. We need transparency


Felicia Harris Hoss - 1st meeting, City Mgr full transparency, staff caused the problem, breech of trust, citizens in the dark, hint of an investigation of an independent council but they do business with city, now we are forced to over pay, revenues are down, passed a law to increase water rate, seems like paying for water twice, she requested info but city said it wouldn't be available until after a vote was taken. She filed a complaint with the DA. Get the facts and make sure citizens aren't over paying.


Lena Dicicco - In the dark with water bills, frustrating. no communication of council don't know what is happening. Even though council doesn't have all of the facts they are still collecting in 2020, there needs to be an outside investigator to find where money is lacking, show us the documentation of what has happened, we already have high water rates.

Executive Session

1. Regarding Consultation with the City Attorney regarding confidential legal matters associated with utility billing.

Councilman Carbone asked for city staff to prepare a RPF for a Utility billing consultant & prepare a response to the Olson & Olson report, March 3rd and distribution out to council

2. Regarding the employment, duties, and responsibilities of the City Manager, Deputy City Manager, and Director of Finance with respect to water utility billing issues.

No Action