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My name is Jeff Hunkele and I live in Pearland, TX and got involved with city politics in 2018. I have spoken multiple times at City Council meetings and am trying to inform the citizens of Pearland of important topics happening in our city. 


All meetings are held at City Hall

3519 Liberty Dr.

Pearland, TX 77581

August 23: 6:30 PM

City Council Regular Mtg

Repealing the 51% law in Pearland

To sign or not to sign. Not me and here's why:

The continuing saga of repealing the 51% law in Pearland.....Signatures were submitted for verification and more questions are being raised:

Could this be the real reason for the 51% repeal?

On Aug 2nd, the Planning and Zoning discussed re-zoning land owned by RCI Hospitality Holdings. The story continues.

More information : Credit to: Jimmie Kelley

Part 1 - Business Categories - 

Part 1.2 - TABC License Types, Forms, & Signs -

Part 2 - Bars, SoBs, Crime, and Zoning -